Mentorship Programme launched at St. Paul’s Primary School

KevinJeffers-1(ZIZ News)– In an effort to reject the stigma placed on young boys in the Federation, the Sons of Unlimited Light group, on Monday, launched the St. Paul’s Primary Mentorship Programme for boys.

According to mentor Kevin Jeffers, the programme seeks to encourage young males to make positive life choices that will enable them to better serve their communities.

The specific goals are to provide a nurturing and supportive environment in which youths can grow and flourish, foster openness and support independent thinking among youth, challenge youth to achieve the highest educational levels they have the potential to attain, provide opportunities for youth to attend and behave comfortably in social environments, and connect youth with persons who will help them expand their horizon and achieve their potential.

PMDouglasHeadshotHIn his capacity as Parliamentary Representative for the St. Paul’s community, Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas commended the Sons of Unlimited Light for their vision in the mentorship programme and gave words of advice and encouragement to the mentors.

“I recommend that you try to help the young people you mentor to decide what their interests are and to develop them. For some, it might be artistic, for some it might be intellectual or academic, for some of course and for others it might have to do with agriculture, entrepreneurship, religion or community service. Whatever their interest may be, it is important that these young people recognize these interests early and that they find ways to develop them,” Dr. Douglas said adding “I am convinced that if we can get our young people on this personal interest or personal development track, the appeal of the gangs and the appeal of deviant behaviour will be greatly reduced in our community and in our society and country on a whole.”

Within the Mentorship Programme, there are 12 mentors and 12 mentees.

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