Minister Liburd says Summer Camps can identify and help at-risk youth

HonMarcellaLiburdHeadshotH(ZIZ)– The Honourable Marcella Liburd and her team within the Ministry Of Social Services are taking a proactive approach to dealing with crime, violence and other social ills.

Minister Liburd shared the view that summer camps aid in identifying at risk youth and help them cope with their challenges. She revealed that her ministry is leading the way in that drive by hosting a camp at the Tucker Clarke Primary School.

“As you know, all of these things help to address problems of crime because if people are heading on a particular path, you don’t wait. It’s preventive. It’s preventive and so we all have to chip in and do our part, help parents who are having a very tough time. These are not easy times to be parents and so, many times there’s a gap between the children in terms of technology skills and the parents. Bring back that community life, that community spirit; so that we can raise our children and so the camp is there for at risk children there at Tucker Clarke. It goes on for two weeks,” she said.

Liburd, who was Wednesday morning’s guest on “Good Morning St. Kitts-Nevis” used the opportunity to laud all camp organisers for their commitment.

She spoke briefly of an annual camp for members of her constituency.

“I want to say here on, to really congratulate all the institutions and persons who are holding camps because that is really a way to keep our children involved. We really need to thank those people because they are not easy and while I’m on camps let me say that I have one that begins on Monday. This is about the seventh or so year that I’m having this camp. It’s called Central Basseterre Future Leaders Summer Camp. We have it every year around that time. It starts on Monday for one week,” she said.

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