Ministry Of Education Donates Six Laptop Computers To Operation Future

(ZIZ News) — The Ministry of Education has fulfilled a request by Operation Future to donate laptop computers to aid in ongoing after-school and weekend programmes.

On Wednesday morning, Minister of Education, Hon. Shawn Richards, and Education Planner Quinton Morton participated in a handing over ceremony at the St. Johnston Community Centre. That centre houses Operation Future’s Creative Youth Academy.

During the presentation, Minister Richards pledged his government’s support of technology integration. He said it has the potential to improve the quality of education and impact student learning.

“The Ministry is pleased to support the work of Operation Future by donating six laptops to Officer Percival for use by the students at the Creative Youth Academy. I understand that Operation Future works closely with the Ministry of Education visiting preschools, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions making presentations on topics like gang violence, sexual abuse, bullying and drug use,” he said.

The top education official also reminded the members of Operation Future of the investment that is being made in them.

“Heed the words of Officer Percival and others who care about you and are giving of their time to ensure that you will succeed in your academics,” he said.

President and Founder of Operation Future, Officer Lauston Percival, accepted the six laptop computers. He also gave an overview of his organisation’s work.

“We have, to date, after school programmes, we have also Saturday programme that we call Discovery Club where we cater to any young person who is ready and willing to come. Also, we have a programme that is geared for students of the high schools or any primary school who are either suspended or expelled from school. Instead of them being out on the street or at home doing nothing, they come here and they get the same school work that they would be doing administered to them and other different programmes we have for them,” he said.

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