National Security Minister Outlines His Administration’s Plans to Fight Crime

TimothyHarris-6(ZIZ News) – The country’s leader and National Security Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris has revealed initiatives which will be employed to fight crime.

Dr. Harris emphasised that the safety and security of residents and visitors are priority areas for his administration.

He said, “This government will implement immediate, enhanced security measures to ensure the safety and security of our Federation. This is of utmost importance. My administration has given a commitment that our Police Force will have the necessary resources to fight crime and to catch criminals. The criminal elements in this country must know that they will have no safe haven here.”

He added that residents deserve to live in safe and secure neighbourhoods, rather than being fearful of criminals.

“My administration will also provide increased prosecutorial support and address the tight-lipped, no snitching culture that has crept into our society as a result of gangsters choosing to exact their own system of justice against each other and against innocent citizens who live in fear of reprisals from gangsters for giving evidence in criminal matters,” Dr. Harris said, adding that his team “will increase emphasis on the Crime Stoppers initiative to make it more effective in the fight against crime.”

“We will consult further with the OECS Supreme Court regarding the creation of a special court to address the cases of violent crimes, guns and drug trafficking,” Dr. Harris affirmed.

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