Orchestra visits Washington Archibald High School

(ZIZ NEWS) — For approximately 45 minutes on Wednesday, students and staff of the Washington Archibald High School were treated to a variety of musical pieces by the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony.

The symphony arrived via cruise ship and according to music director Gary Nicholson, the visit to St. Kitts forms part of their tour of the region sharing music and learning new cultures.

“We are here as part of our tour for this year. Every two years we take a tour to another location, a community, another state, or another nation to share our music. Music is one of those activities that people of all cultures appreciate. It opens up many doors so we go out to help our young musicians learn responsibility but also to share their music and to learn about other cultures,” he said.

Acadia Harrigan, student of the Washington Archibald High School said the students appreciated the gesture.

“It’s a pleasure to have these people here today because it’s very interesting for those that like music and I am enjoying it,” she said.

The Colorado Springs Youth Symphony is a comprehensive instrumental music education association that serves approximately 450 young people aged 7 to 18.

It was able to link with the Washington Archibald High School through the Ministry Of Education.

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