PAHO Officials tour Pogson

(ZIZ News) — A group of Senior Regional Health Officials, this week, toured the Pogson Medical Centre to learn about the institution and the services provided.

The group was led by Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Carissa Ettiene.

Following the tour, the officials unveiled a plaque to commemorate the visit.

Dr. Etienne praised the members of staff for their work in the community.

“This is very dear to my heart. I want to commend you for the work that you do. I want to thank you for allowing PAHO to work with you and collaborate with you. I hope that you can really work with your community to ensure that they have health and well-being,” she said.

Minister of State responsible for Health, Hon. Wendy Phipps said the work that has been done at Pogson Medical Centre is significant. She gave the Ministry’s commitment to ensure the sustainability of the services provided.

“It is something that has the potential to become a best practices model elsewhere and we will try our best in terms of maintaining what we have. Because it’s one thing to invest in a system or structure so that it keeps up with international standards. You look at environmental sustainability and preservation in everything that we do but if we don’t maintain the infrastructure that we’ve invested in, in the long term, we would not have helped anyone and we would have done a disservice to the country,” she said.

Senior Health Minister, Hon. Eugene Hamilton, also accompanied the PAHO representatives as they toured of the Pogson Medical Centre.

Following the tour, ZIZ News spoke with Minister Hamilton who underscored the importance of the use of renewable energy at the facility.

Hamilton echoed PAHO’s call for the hospital’s staff to develop a strong bond with members of the community.

“Like community policing, so there should be community health services. It is important because there are many persons in the community who may not necessarily be aware of the services that are provided by these institutions and if you engage the community and get them involved then the information, the services that are provided will be well known and also accessed rather than be seen as something I really don’t want to be a part of, it feels as if you’re a part of this whole health institution and therefore even encourage your own family and friends to take advantage of the services that they provide,” he said.

The Pogson Medical Centre was identified as one of two smart hospitals in the OECS.

The other is located in St. Vincent.

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