PM Douglas on Harris’ Claims

PMDouglasNationalAddress14Oct2009A(ZIZ)– Prime Minister, the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas has cleared the air about claims made by opposition parties in the regional media.

While in St. Vincent for the Inter-Sessional Summit for CARICOM Heads of State, Prime Minister Douglas spoke to reporters about statements made by Team Unity Leader, Dr Timothy Harris.

He said the motion of no confidence case has been blown out of proportion by the opposition.

“There is no serious impasse here except that there is a power hungry man called Timothy Harris who obviously wants to thwart what is the normal constitutional process of becoming a prime minister. That is all that there is.”

The Prime Minister also dismissed claims that the government is illegitimate, stating that his party has a clear majority in parliament.

“The constitution of St. Kitts and Nevis allows for the government, the parliament to function with both elected members and those appointed and referred to as “senators”. There is a clear majority on the government side with regard to the members who are elected and those who are appointed senators that is why the parliament continues to meet.”

He says elections are constitutionally due by 2015 but before that, certain issues must be resolved.

These include the boundaries case and determining whether the court can decide what is tabled in parliament.

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