Police seized offensive weapons in Charles E. Mills Secondary School

CharlesEMillsSecondary-1(ZIZ News) — Based on the discovery of graffiti written on the walls of the school’s bathroom, threatening the Principal and Deputy Principal of the Charles E Mills Secondary School, police officers of Division B and the Defence Force and Police K9 Units conducted a search on the school’s premises between 9:45 AM and 12:00 PM on Thursday 25 September 2014. During the search four (4) knives, a screwdriver, and a small quantity of marijuana and other items of interest, were found and taken into police custody.

Commissioner CG Walwyn emphasizes the importance of the TAPS Programme launched this week in the Federation’s high schools as a means of discouraging this type of behaviour among our youth. Last year, 374 primary school students graduated from the MAGIC Programme. This year, we are hoping to reach even more.

Parents and guardians are urged to speak with their children concerning taking weapons and drugs to school. Keeping our children and staff safe at school is our priority, the Commissioner said. Parents and guardians, be advised that this is a very serious offence that can result in charges being filed against your child if found in possession of drugs or weapons. There is zero tolerance towards drugs, guns, and violence in our Federations schools. The investigation continues and charges will be laid if warranted.

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