Prime Minister Harris addresses why Information was not listed as a Portfolio during Swearing-In Ceremony

HonDrTimothyHeadshotB(ZIZ News) — Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris has responded to concerns of information not being assigned a Minister of Government during Sunday’s Swearing-In Ceremony of the Federal Cabinet.

Dr. Harris said while it was not listed, Information, and the media specifically, is important to his administration.

“It’s a subject. It is not spelt out in the portfolio head. We were trying to avoid some of the ministries from being too lengthy and so on. What is critical really, for example in the past administration, land was never spelt out but land found itself as a subject under Sustainable Development. It’s just a refinement of some of the labelling, the nomenclature given to ministries but the subject is important,” he said.

Dr. Harris added that if representatives of the media demand that Information be listed as a portfolio item and assigned to a minister, his government will review that request.

“The mere fact that it is not part in my view doesn’t diminish. It may diminish in terms of visibility in the same way land had customarily been spelt out. The fact that land was considered as part of Sustainable Development doesn’t diminish its importance. It’s a question of how you style and you restructure but I believe we got it right and if there is an overwhelming [demand] we are a people’s government. Demand for that, certainly we would respond as we respond to all the felt needs of the people.”

Dr. Harris’ comments came following Wednesday’s Luncheon and Annual General Meeting of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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