Road Closure and Restrictions for CPL Matches

(ZIZ)–In anticipation of the Caribbean Premier League games, the Traffic Department is implementing road closure and restrictions to take effect Thursday 7th August at 06:30am. Such restrictions will continue daily on match days.

Head of the Traffic Department, Inspector Carl Caines, spoke with ZIZ of the restrictions to be implemented.

“Victoria Road will be no parking. Lozack Road will be No Parking however it will be for VIP only. The general public will not be permitted to park on Lozack Road except for VIP or persons who are authorized to park on that road,” he said adding that “East Park Range will be a no parking area. The street that runs north of NHC will be a No Parking Area. Those are the streets we will have restrictions on during the match days.”

Inspector Caines said the restrictions are important to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. He encouraged the public to adhere to the road signs that will be in place.

“It is to ensure that we have a smooth flow of traffic and to ensure that the traffic flows smoothly because it is expected that we will have a large number of persons and the crowds are expected to be large in that area…..I would like to wish the general public and those persons going to the games to adhere to the signs and of course listen to all instructions given and the police will be in the ground to give you instructions because  things can change at the last minute so if instructions are given and signs are placed, please adhere to the signs and restrictions given,” he said.

According to Inspector Caines, on match days, the general public will be permitted to park on the grounds of the Basseterre High School as well as on Nevis Street.

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