SKNLP to open another Constituency Office

TerrenceDrewHeadshotA(ZIZ News) — Just weeks after the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party [SKNLP] opened two offices in constituency three; it is preparing to open two more, this time in constituency number eight.

Dr. Terrance Drew, the Labour Party Candidate for constituency eight, disclosed the dates of the office openings.

“Constituency number eight would be opening our constituency office during this month, October 4th in St. Peter’s. I think that would be a Saturday and October 2nd which would be in Cayon and we want to invite everybody out to see our new offices from where we would conduct our business of helping people,” he expressed.

Dr. Drew said the time had come for constituency eight, the largest on the island, to have offices where members of the electorate can visit and receive updates, give suggestions or ask questions of the their representative.

“It is very disappointing to know that we have a representative and he doesn’t have one functioning office where a young man or a young woman can go and ask for help or basically say what is concerning them within the constituency,” he said.

“This representative is not a serious representative about helping people and so, Dr. Drew, who is now meeting people in constituency offices, will officially open them and all are welcome. Regardless of your political status, you are welcome to visit our offices and we’ll help the best that we can.”

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