Technology for the Disabled

(ZIZ News) — Disabled persons living in St. Kitts and Nevis are this week learning about new technology that’s specifically designed to help them in their daily lives.

Dozens of children and adults attended a workshop on Thursday at the McKnight Community Centre focusing on Information and Communication Technology for the disabled.

It’s part of a series of workshops and meetings that make up ICT Week.

Trevor Prevatt a consultant for the Caribbean Telecommunications Unit spoke to ZIZ about the need for this type of training.

“This is what the CTU promotes. We want to use ICT’s, Information Communication Technologies for to really help with their socio-economic development but what is important is that they’re inclusive and so it means everybody. The ministers who were here this morning told the people who were here that no-one should be left behind. And that’s the great thing about ICT’s it can help make their lives better. And so it’s just to demonstrate to them in a hands on way what there is available that can help make their lives easier and better,” he said.

Among the technology were mini computers and a digital pen that can translate text to speech.

The ICT workshops continue on Friday with sessions for senior citizens 55 and older at the McKnight Community Centre.

Topics will include an introduction to social media and cyber security.

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