The Benefits of Higher Learning

(ZIZ News) — A group of senior faculty members of the University Of The Virgin Islands is in St. Kitts Nevis meeting with prospective students about masters programmes offered in various fields of study.

During an interview at ZIZ the group spoke about three of degree programmes and the benefits of higher education.

Dean of the College Of Liberal Arts And Sciences, Dr Simon Jones-Hendrickson said although finding a job may be difficult in the field a student has pursued, the college trains them to adapt to any situation.

“It is not true to say that we in colleges are creating persons to go to a specific job. No. What we’re doing, we’re giving them the enabling creativity. They can go into the marketplace and sequence themselves in areas that they can find jobs. So if we’ve trained you in psychology, public administration, business administration, you may not get that job at the first go round but the fact is you have a quantum of knowledge that you can use, that you can make you creative and make you productive in the economy and at the end of the day that is all that we want you to do,” he said.

Dean of the School of Business, Professor Aubrey Washington also pointed out that to be relevant in today’s marketplace one needs to continue sharpening their skills.

“If you’re not involved in educating yourself, sharpening your skills, working on your critical thinking, working on your decision-making, your problem solving, if you’re not doing that, you can’t play in this marketplace. And so that’s why education is critical. Education is not critical because of subject areas. Look at it as training your mind to compete,” he said.

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