Verchilds High Student Wins Heritage Trail Logo Competition

(ZIZ)– On Monday morning, officials from the Brimstone Hill National Park Society and other stakeholder visited the Verchilds High School to congratulate and award Trudella Spencer.

She designed the winning logo for the St. Thomas/St. Anne Heritage Trail.

Cameron Gill
Cameron Gill

According to General Manager of the Brimstone Hill National Park Society, Cameron Gill, the goal of the trail is to create a walking and driving tour that spotlights the lesser known historic sites in the area.

He said, “Typically, what happens now is taxi drivers bring visitors, say from the cruise ship or hotel, and they show them St. Thomas Anglican Church, tell them about Sir Thomas Warner’s tomb, take them to Brimstone Hill, and then straight to Black Rocks. But there are a lot of sites in-between that need to be recognized as well.”

Spencer’s logo shows the iconic Sugar Mill surrounded by cane fields. She said she has always had a passion for art.

“I was really surprised when I entered this competition. I entered because I thought it would be fun. I actually really do like drawing. And I’m grateful for all the prizes,” she said while thanking the organizers.

Among other prizes Spencer has won were a digital camera, a storm watch and a Samsung Galaxy.

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