Young Men to receive Special Attention under the Team Unity-led Government

(ZIZ News) — The country’s young men are set to receive special attention from the Team Unity-led government as it plans to roll out a number of initiatives aimed at “Saving young men.”

In its “Prosperity for All” Manifesto, the government said that full employment in St. Kitts and Nevis will aid in the process. According to Team Unity, for too long, the former administration had been satisfied with high unemployment and under-employment. The manifesto states that “the best social programme is a good paying job.”

Unity also proposes to undertake in-depth research into best practices by countries that have properly tackled the rehabilitation of young men who have served jail time for new, productive lives after their prison sentences.

The government has also pledged to partner with the private sector, churches and other non-governmental organisations to develop and maintain programmes for at-risk young men; train teachers to be alert and sensitive to behavioural changes in students, particularly male pupils; promote the development of stronger associations for parents and teachers in all schools and construct a state of the art Youth Rehabilitation Centre on Nevis, for at-risk young men and first time offenders.

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