Expanding the “Farm to Fork” Project

Dr. Wayne Ganpat
Dr. Wayne Ganpat

ZIZ News — A plan to put healthier foods into the school system is being analysed to be used throughout the Caribbean.

Officials from the University of the West Indies have been meeting with local stakeholders involved in the “Farm to Fork” project.

The project aims to use locally grown produce in the school meals and track how the all-local diet impacts the growth and development of children

But before it can be used in other islands it must be analysed.

Dr. Wayne Ganpat, Lecturer at the University of the West Indies took part in a Policy Focus Group Workshop on Thursday.

“We have brought together all the main stakeholders in the farm to fork model, and we’re asking them a simple question: What would make them collaborate better”

The farm to fork project is being developed by the University of the West Indies and McGill University.

Gordon Hickey
Gordon Hickey

Gordon Hickey, Professor at McGill University, said he’s pleased with the outcome of the workshop.

“It went well…really well. People were really active and sharing a lot of ideas about how we may be able to work together better to upscale this into government policy and have broader and better impact on child health and nutrition and better farming practices in St. Kitts.”

The Farm to Fork project is being tested in St. Kitts and Trinidad. From there officials hope to duplicate it across the Caribbean.

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