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March 15, 2022

Job Vacancies: Ministry of Sustainable Development

The Government’s Human Resource Management Department is seeking applications from suitably qualified individuals to fill a number of posts within the Ministry of Sustainable Development. The posts are as follows: Chief Policy Analyst;…

ZIZ at SDA as Part of MoENT’s Month of the Arts

Students were given some insight into some of the creative work at ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation during the Ministry of Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Talent Development (MoENT) Month of the Arts.

PAM Leader Wants All to Be Committed to the Promise

Leader of the People’s Action Movement, The Hon. Shawn Richards says PAM is committed to the concept of Team Unity and wants all involved to stay true to the promise made at their inception seven years ago.

Local Movie Debuts on American Television

The first locally produced film featuring an all-local crew and cast, “A Rose Between Thorns” has been gaining exposure and receiving awards since its debut in October 2020.

MP’s Return Home

After being away for two years, parliamentarians were jubilant to return to the historic Parliament Buildings for the 2022 Financial and Economic Statement.