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Report of Fire at Electoral Office is False

A report of a fire at the Electoral Office in Basseterre on Thursday night, August 4, the eve of the country’s general elections, is false, according to the Supervisor of Elections, Mr. Elvin Bailey.

Konris Refutes Akilah’s Lies

On Saturday, July 23, PLP candidate for constituency number 3 (C3) and current Minister of Health, Hon. Akilah Byron-Nisbett came to the Boyds Hardcourt for one of her pop-up meetings. Though it was difficult to hear what she was saying, a…

PAM Condemns Vandalism Against Candidate’s Property

The People's Action Movement views with deep concern growing incidents of campaign vandalism in recent weeks, especially as it relates to one particular candidate, Natasha Grey-Brookes, the lone female on the Party’s ticket.