LIME to create history- First to bring 4G mobile technology to the Caribbean

David Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of LIME

ZIZ Newsroom…May 18, 2011 – The Caribbean region will soon be classified among some of the world’s leading economies with the introduction of LIME’s cutting edge fourth generation (4G) mobile technology, set to revolutionise its mobile networks across the Caribbean and once again, distinguish the company as the first to introduce this technology to its customers throughout the region.

To coincide with the observance of World Telecommunications Day on May 17, the telecommunications and entertainment company used the platform of a glitzy launch at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Grand Cayman to announce a US$80M investment to finance major improvements to its regional mobile networks. The network upgrade will enable LIME’s customers to access blazing fast Internet and numerous sophisticated data services on their wireless devices.

The new technology will be introduced in Grand Cayman this summer, then gradually rolled-out across the rest of the region. The network improvement programme builds on LIME’s outstanding 140 year history in the Caribbean where the company has been the leader in technology innovation. LIME was the first to introduce groundbreaking services including, telex messaging, telephone, mobile phones, the internet, Mobile TV and now, 4G.

Over the next 18 months, LIME’s existing mobile networks will be upgraded from 2G technology to EDGE in all markets, except Jamaica, where a 3G upgrade was completed earlier this year. In numerous locations within the selected markets, LIME will be deploying 4G technology which will catapult its Caribbean networks into the realm of those in some of the world’s largest economies. 4G will also serve as a platform for LIME’s future network development as the protocols are fully compatible with the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology that will power mobile networks in the future.

David Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of LIME, said: “Our business has operated in the Caribbean for the past 140 years. We introduced the first telephone connections, the first Internet connections, the first mobile service and the first mobile TV service. Now we’re spearheading the 4G revolution, enabling our customers to work, play and stay in constant contact while on the go.”

With 4G, LIME’s mobile subscribers will have the power to instantly send and receive large files such as videos, music, graphics and photos from enabled wireless devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and netbooks. LIME’s customers will also be able to enjoy real-time online activities including video streaming, online gaming and social networking while on-the-go all at the same time as making a phone call.

Mr David Lake, General Manager LIME St. Kitts & Nevis said: “People of all ages, especially the young, want to be online all the time and need fast, affordable mobile data service that enable them to do all the things they can now do with a fixed internet connection while on the go. Our mobile 4G network will ensure that LIME can satisfy customer needs as the insatiable demand for mobile internet service grows.”

Mr Lake added: “The experience for customers moving from 2G services, to both EDGE and 4G will be like going from riding a bicycle to driving a Ferrari; you will feel the difference immediately. This is a massive step forward for mobile service in the Caribbean and LIME is pleased to drive the proliferation of advanced technology in the region.”

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